Visiting Louvre Museum: what you need to know

Visitor of Louvre Museum

There is so much to see in the Louvre. Visiting the entire thing will take weeks. So good preparation is essential if you come to the Louvre museum for a day during your city trip to Paris. If you only have a few hours in the museum, you want to ensure not to miss the […]

Tickets to Louvre Museum: these are the options

Louvre Museum tickets

Buy your Louvre Museum tickets in advance; this is one of the most heard pieces of advice. With so many visitors per year, it is wise to prepare for your visit to the Parisian museum well.  If you’ve already queued for security, you don’t want to join the ticket queue afterwards. So make sure you […]

Practical information about Louvre Museum Paris

Louvre Museum opening hours

What times is the Louvre museum open? On which days are the doors closed? Where do you get tickets and where is Paris located? Below you will find practical information about the Louvre museum. Handy to keep on hand before you go to Paris. Louvre opening hours The Louvre museum is open every day except […]

Louvre Museum: when to go, where are the shortest lines?

Louvre skip the line

You’ve probably seen the long lines at the Louvre in a photo. Or maybe you were in Paris, walked past them and thought: No way I’m joining those. Unfortunately, a world-famous museum like the Louvre will always draw crowds. Sometimes you can’t avoid them. Fortunately, there are several tips to shorten the waiting time. Some […]